A.G. Roemmers


He was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1958, in a family that gave him the opportunity of having an exceptional education. He started writing as a child and his poetry has been rewarded with several distinctions and publications. Although he became a successful businessman quite young, he has always put all his efforts to make the world a better place. His new surprising project is El retorno del joven príncipe (The Return of the Young Prince), an interesting and spiritual novel. The first edition of this book sold 65.000 copies in his country in the very first year of publication. The Return of the Young Prince is the imaginary story of the prince coming back to Earth, now as a teenager. Although this time he has a different experience, he keeps his humanistic and spiritual view of the world, its people and values. A surprising great read that will change lives for good. 

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By A.G. Roemmers

  • The Return of the Young Prince

    FICTION, 2011

    The Return of the Young Prince tells the story of the prince's return to planet Earth as a teenager. Although this time his experience is very different, his humanistic and spiritual view of...

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