Alejandra Laurencich


Considered by readers and critics to be one of the most prestigious authors of her generation, her stories’ impact is created by her enpathetic, engaging female characters and gripping plots. She lives in Buenos Aires where she studied Fine Art before moving into cinematography, which taught her the mystique of narrative at a very young age. Her books have won awards such as the Fondo Nacional de las Artes and Municipal Prizes. She is the founder and editorial director of one of the most eminent literary journals of recent years: La Balandra | other fiction, which is aimed particularly at young writers. Laurencich passes on her passion for writing through this publication and regular workshops. 

Web page of the literary journal La Balandra | other fiction

"Laurencich is following in the footsteps of Virginia Woolf

when she chooses to tell her story in  inexpressible feminine interior

monologues of a kind that didn’t exist previously in literature."

Elsa Drucaroff



"Laurencich has a distinctive style in the way that she manages

characters and creates situations, with maximum economy

of language and genuine skill."

Nina Thürler


©Marcelo Pedroza

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By Alejandra Laurencich

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    NOVEL, 2015

    Andrea is about to turn thirteen. It is the turbulent summer of 1976 and to escape from reality and the torments of her encroaching adolescence, she invents her own universe. It is the story of...

  • The Workshop

    NON FICTION, 2014

  • Lo que dicen cuando callan


  • Vete de mí

    NOVEL, 2009

    El día que Mariana tomó la última pastilla, pensó en Luis. A punto de casarse con otro, supo que nada ni nadie podría calmar su pasión enfermiza por ese...

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