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Alejandro Parisi was born in 1976 in Buenos Aires. It is a screenwriter and writer. Several of his short stories have been published in anthologies of Argentina, Spain, France and Germany. "Delivery" (Sudamericana, 2002) was translated into Italian by E /O Edizioni in 2007. Then he published "The Ghetto With Eight Doors" (Sudamericana, 2009), "A Knight in Purgatory" (Sudamericana, 2012), "The child and her double" (Sudamericana, 2014; Lumen, 2016), "With Blood in his Eye" (Grijalbo, 2015) and "Her Face in Time" (Sudamericana, 2016).

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By Alejandro Parisi

  • Hanka 753

    NOVEL, 2017

    Poland, 1939. Little Hanka lives with her six siblings and her father until the day that the Germans invade and her world changes forever. Locked away in her house in the ghetto, at just nine...

  • Her Face in Time

    NOVEL, 2016.

    Sicily: a plot of land surrounded by sea, a place where nature, poverty and forbidden desires abound. In a small town, Vito and Giuseppina cultivate an unmentionable love. It all began when they...

  • With Blood in His Eye

    NOVEL, 2015

    With Blood in His Eye is the result of a pact between Alejandro Parisi and Álvaro Balestra. In this novel the writer and detective commence a literary duel: a tough but engaging former...

  • The Girl and Her Double

    NOVEL, 2014

    Eastern Europe, 1939. Russia invades the city of Lvov, changing the lives of millions of families. Two years later, from the West, a murderous scourge will raze the land on a mission to...

  • The Ghetto With Eight Doors

    NOVEL, 2009

    Mira Ostromoglinska was born to a Polish Jewish family in 1922. Bound by a pact of silence, she kept quiet about her story for more than fifty years. Until one day she finally decided to share for...

  • Delivery

    NOVEL, 2002

    Easy money, expensive cars, private parties and beautiful women make the world where the protagonist, Martín, has access thanks to the fact that just one thing: selling cocaine. He is a...

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