Cristian Alarcón

CHILE, 1970

Cristian Alarcón is a writer and journalist. Since the early 90s he has worked as an investigative reporter, writing stories for important newspapers and magazines. In 2012 he founded the magazine Anfibia and the website Cosecha Roja which together have led a revolution in news reporting in Latin America. In 2014 he won a Diploma for Merit at the Konex Awards in the News Stories and Reportage category. In 2019 he won the Premio Perfil for Freedom of Expression. He is a Professor at the Faculty of Journalism and Social Communication at the Universidad de La Plata and runs the Masters course in Narrative Journalism at the School of Humanities of the Universidad Nacional de San Martín. His books have been translated into English, French, German and Polish.

‘He offers hope of finding a refuge from collective tragedy in the little things. His prose is of great quality; concise, precise and spare, well-suited to his subjects.'
Fernando Aramburu

Cristian Alarcón

© Alejandra López

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By Cristian Alarcón

  • The Third Paradise

    NOVEL, 2022

    WINNER OF THE 2022 ALFAGUARA AWARD FOR THE NOVEL The 2020 lockdown is looming and the protagonist is tempted to withdraw to his cabin on the outskirts of Buenos Aires to weather the...

  • When I Die, Play Cumbia for Me: The Lives of Young Criminals

    NARRATIVE, 2022

    Based around the legend of Frente Vital, this book explores a chapter of recent Argentine history that is coloured by violence and betrayal but also solidarity and principles. Writing in pacy,...

  • If You Love Me, Love Me Crooked

    NARRATIVE, 2022

    In a Buenos Aires slum, where five clans compete for control of the cocaine supply, a woman, Alcira, gets by on her wits and fearlessness. Cristian Alarcón delves into this underworld to...

  • A Sea of Peronist Castles

    NON FICTION, 2013

    With a literary quality hailed by the public and critics alike but maintaining the urgency of news reportage, these masterful accounts address the major events of the past few years but also minor...

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