Cynthia Edul


Cynthia Edul is a novelist, playwright and theatre director. She has degrees in Literature from the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) and Drama from the Escuela Municipal de Arte Dramático (EMAD). She is a professor in the Humanities Department at the Universidad de San Andrés and directs the Cultural Projects Workshop at the Universidad de Hurlingham. In 2009 she and Alejandro Tantanian founded the Panorama Sur contemporary drama platform. She has received writers' grants from the University of Iowa (USA), Courants du Monde (France) and the Saison Foundation of Tokyo (Japan). Between 2016 and 2017 she directed Teatro Argentino - Centro de Experimentación y Creación (Argentinian Theatre - Centre of Creation and Experimentation, TACEC). In 2018 she coordinated the programme "Produce en el país" at the Teatro Nacional Cervantes and directed the play ‘Las rotas' (The Broken), by Nadine Lifchitz. She is the author of the plays Miami (Winner of the 2006 Argentores Prize for First Play, released in 2008), Familia Bonsai (Bonsai Family), La excursión (The Outing) and Adónde van los corazones rotos (Where Broken Hearts Go), which she also directed in 2012. That same year, she published La sucesión (The Inheritance), her first novel. Her second, La tierra empezaba a arder. Último regreso a Siria (The Earth Burst into Flames. The Last Trip Back to Syria) followed in 2019.


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By Cynthia Edul

  • The Earth Started to Burn

    NARRATIVE, 2019

    In October 2010, the narrator travelled to Syria with her mother, who hadn’t been to her homeland in many years. On the journey they would be reunited with their family, which straddles two...

  • The Inheritance

    NOVEL, 2012

    The Inheritance, Cynthia Edul's first novel, examines three periods across several years in the life of a character living in fear and awe of her father. The narrator is the youngest daughter of...

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