Grecia Cáceres

PERU, 1968

Grecia Cáceres studied linguistics at the Universidad Católica de Perú and took her doctorate at University of Paris 8, where she still lives. There, she works as a literary critic for the radio and press. She is considered one of the leading voices of the ‘90s Generation’ of Peruvian poets and has published two books of poetry and four novels in Peru and France.  

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By Grecia Cáceres

  • The Sea Outside

    NOVEL, 2017

    The Sea Outside is a moving story about the unsettling journey of Miranda. A brutal, mysterious disappearance, a sordid accusation and a scandal will force her to leave Lima together with her...

  • The collection

    NOVEL, 2012

    Set in a Lima about to explode into mind-numbing chaos, The Collection is a novel about a strange love story full of intrigue, mystery and adventure. But, without a doubt, the most...

  • The Violet Life

    NOVEL, 2003

    The cotton piled up. In the poor light, the effect was even more disgusting. Like a wound being cleaned, the garish colour of blood, scenes from a tabloid crime section. But when she finally...

  • Dusk

    NOVEL, 2003

    This coming of age novel tells the universal story of a group of young Peruvians who grew up in the violent Lima of the 80s.

  • The potential wait

    NOVEL, 1998

    In 20 th Century Recuay, a woman must confront the ghosts of her memory, trapped between conventionalism and her powerful imagination. The absence of her parents, the premature death of her...

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