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Two generations of women working together with one single objective: conveying to the public their passion for gastronomy. Inés Ortega has inherited from her father (Ortega Spotorno) and grandfather (Ortega y Gasset), the interest for communication, while her mother has bequethed her the passion for cooking. Simone Ortega is of French origin; she lives in Spain since a long time ago. This culinary duo who have become the most famous figures in popular Spanish cuisine. They have published over 30 books and sold several millions copies.

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PUBLISHED BY: Spanish worldwide ALIANZA | Catalan GRUP 62 | Worldwide, except for Spain and Latin America (ILLUSTRATED EDITION) PHAIDON 

By Inés & Simone Ortega

  • Cooking without Gluten, Eggs or Lactose

    COOKING, 2018

    Written in the same spirit as the classic 1080 recetas de cocina (1080 Recipes), which made cooking easy for every family with clear recipes and easy to find ingredients for a wide variety of...

  • Welcome to the Kitchen

    COOKING, 2014

    Welcome to the Kitchen invites you to give cooking a try and have fun as you go. Inside are 114 recipes for you to discover, along with some tricks and secrets to share with whomever you like:...

  • Four Ingredients

    COOK BOOKS, 2013

    The recipes are separated into different sections – from starters and creams to meats, desserts and drinks, along with side dishes, breakfasts and sandwiches – with one section...

  • The Green Book

    COOKING, 2013

    Is it really healthier to eat more vegetables? All the nutritionists seem happy to sing the praises of vegetables in a healthy diet due to their high vitamin and anti-oxidant content. Given...

  • The Cooking of Inés Ortega

    COOK BOOK, 2012

    This new work by INÉS ORTEGA is conceived as a contemporary recipe book for healthy and economic cooking, incorporating the knowledge learned from her mother, Simone Ortega, author of...

  • Easy Cooking for Singles for Dummies

    COOKING, 2011

    New flat and... the kitchen is empty! Don't go shopping and buy all the pots you see. Listen to Inés Ortega and start with the essentials. Then, go for the goodies listening to your common...

  • Cooking for Dummies

    COOKING, 2010

    It doesn't take culinary mastery and great recipes to be a great cook.  Cooking For Dummies  appeals to beginners who want to learn the basics of cooking and implement understandable and...

  • The book of tapas

    COOKING, 2010

    El libro de las tapas [The Book of Tapas] presents the definitive collection of simple and authentic tapas recipes, from gambas al ajillo, or garlic shrimp (pawns), to tortilla española,...

  • The book of Tapas (by Inés Ortega)

    COOKING, 2009

    An expert in the communication of everything having to do with food, cuisine and its presentation, Inés Ortega gives us The book of tapas . In it she offers more than 250 ways to nourish...

  • El libro de las verduras

    COOKING, 2005

  • 1080 recipes

    COOKING, 2003

    This classic, which confirmed Simone Ortega’s place as the undisputed doyenne of cuisine in Spain, has now reached the 3 million mark. With over 30 editions, this cookbook published 25 years...

  • Nuevas recetas de cocina

    COOKING, 1998

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