Juan Esteban Constaín


He published his first book, Los mártires (The Martyrs), a set of short stories about writers, in 2004. In 2007 he published El naufragio del Imperio (The Shipwreck of the Empire), and in 2010 ¡Calcio!, for which he won the Premio Espartaco de Novela Histórica at Semana Negra in Gijón. In May 2014, El hombre que no fue Jueves (The Man Who Wasn’t Thursday) came out. He is a columnist at El Tiempo

«Constaín is exactly that: a scholar who understands that one of the best weapons against academicism and the boredom of snobbery is humor.»

Yefferson Ospina, El País

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By Juan Esteban Constaín

  • Open Letters

    NOVEL, 2022.

    Is it possible to reinvent the past? To what extent can fiction change the course of events? Marcelino Quijano y Quadra, an enlightened Popayán native and invincible gambler, man of all...

  • Álvaro

    NON FICTION, 2019

    On the centenary of the birth of Álvaro Gómez Hurtado, one of the most important political figures in the modern history of the country, Juan Esteban Constaín has written an...

  • The Past is Never

    ESSAY, 2018

    The Past is Never is a collection of essays by Juan Esteban Constaín on a wide array of subjects including the First World War, D Day, the assassination of Rafael Uribe Uribe, the Battle of...

  • The man who wasn't Thursday

    NOVEL, 2014

    BIBLIOTECA DE NARRATIVA PRIZE (COLOMBIA) Shortly before his resignation, Benedict XVI dusts off on ancient rite to canonize G.K. Chesterton. The story dates back to a strange episode in...

  • ¡Calcio!

    NOVEL, 2010

    Arnaldo Momigliano, an Italian professor, scandalizes the academic circles of Oxford with an exhibition that places the origins of football in Italy. The eternal mystery of who invented...

  • The Sinking of the Empire

    NOVEL, 2007

    An extraordinary true story: a man from Granada, adventurous and revolutionary as any of his compatriots, finds himself caught up in a risky expedition to rescue Napoleon from exile on Saint...

  • The Martyrs


    "This is a volume of stories about writers," Constaín writes in a prologue that sets a bold, enthusiastic tone for his portraits of dozens of legendary figures including Pushkin, Conrad,...

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