Martín Solares

MEXICO D.F., 1970

Martín Solares is writer and critic. He worked on his PhD at the Sorbonne. Actually he lives lives in Mexico and works as publisher. His short stories and essays have been published in many Mexican newspapers and supplements as well as in international anthologies in Spain, France and the UK. An excerpt of his first novel Los minutos negros (The Black Minutes) can be read on One of his short stories was awarded the "Premio Nacional de Cuento Efraín Huerta".

"In a country where the search of the truth can be considered as the greatest

crime, Martín Solares unfolds in his novel a major and brilliant intrigue where

the death of a young journalist leads to a Portrait of this nowadays Mexico where

time is measured in black minutes. An intense and vertiginous novel."

Juan Villoro


"A breathless marvellous first novel that begins with the murder of a journalist

in a mid-sized Mexican city but that quickly propels the investigator-protagonist,

Maceton, into a darker mystery: the savage unsolved murders of a series

of young girls. This is Latin American fiction at its pulpy phantasmagorical finest,

this is a literary masterpiece masquerading as a police procedural

and nothing else I've read this year comes close".


(about Los minutos negros -The Black Minutes-)


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