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Sergio Chejfec writes novels, stories, essays and poetry. His works include Lenta biografía (Slow Biography, 1990), Los planetas (The Planets, 1999), Boca de lobo (Wolf’s Mouth, 2000), Los incompletos (The Unfinished, 2004), Baroni: un viaje (Baroni: a Journey, 2007, 2010), Mis dos mundos (My Two Worlds, 2008), La experiencia dramática (The Dramatic Experience, 2012, Candaya 2013) and Modo Linterna (Lamp Mode 2013, Candaya 2014). His novels are usually written in a quiet narrative style in which the plot is interwoven with more cerebral reflections. Memories, political violence and Jewish-Argentine history and culture are recurring themes in his work.

He is also a poet and has published the collections Tres poemas y una merced (Three Poems and a Good 2002) and Gallos y huesos (Roosters and Bones, 2003), and the non-fiction book El punto vacilante (The Wavering Point, 2005). He has been translated into English, French, German, Portuguese, and Hebrew. In Sergio Chejfec. Trayectorias de una escritura (Sergio Chefjec, Paths of Writing, Edición de Dianna C. Niebyski), fifteen authors of different nationalities analyze his work.

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By Sergio Chejfec

  • The Visitor

    ESSAY, 2017


  • The Elevator Theory

    NARRATIVE, 2016

    "I might stop at a corner and be unable to comprehend what is in front of me. The feeling is a mixture of original intuition, a hesitant sense of the past, and a misleading familiarity with city...

  • Latest News from Writing

    ESSAY, 2015

    In an old notebook bought in a nondescript neighbourhood in a strange city, Sergio Chejfec jots down his personal but essential thoughts about writing. On this journey through fiction and...

  • Lamp Mode


    To invent a unique but recognizable language is in some ways to create one’s own world. This book by Sergio Chejfec is one such miracle: introspection dominates these stories and yet they...

  • The Dramatic Experience

    NOVEL, 2012

    During their weekly walks, or in a café in the busy city where they live, Rose and Félix have long conversations linked to their wanderings and the world around them as though they...

  • My Two Worlds

    NOVEL, 2008.

    Approaching his fiftieth birthday, the narrator in "My Two Worlds" is wandering in an unfamiliar Brazilian city, in search of a park. A walker by inclination and habit, he has decided to...

  • Slow Biography

    NOVEL, 1990.

    This book could be read as the story of a man and his time told by a son with obscure omissions and hints. What at first looks as though it will be a simple story slowly transforms into a thicket...

  • The Dark

    NOVEL, 2000

    A man and a woman are the protagonists of this story. She is school-age but works in a factory. He’s old enough to be her father, although that would be impossible for various reasons. Their...

  • The Planets

    NOVEL, 1999

    A man decides to remember a childhood friend who disappeared during the last Argentine military dictatorship. The setting is Buenos Aires and its suburbs. The memory brings back experiences,...

  • Baroni: A Journey

    NOVEL, 2007

    Baroni is a real character. Baroni is a fictional character. This novel shows that these are not contradictory statements. The real character is Rafaela Baroni, a well-known popular artist who...

  • The Air

    NOVEL, 1992

  • Los incompletos

    NOVEL, 2004

    Un viajero crónico envía mensajes que no dicen mucho. Las peripecias y la geografía del mundo se traducen, para el amigo que los lee, en una elocuencia casi...

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