Valeria Correa Fiz


Valeria Correa Fiz was born and grew up in Rosario, Argentina, and lives in Madrid. She coordinates the Book Club of the Cervantes Institute in Milan and gives workshops on creative writing in Milan and Madrid. She is the author of a collection of short stories for which she was a finalist of the 4th Gabriel Garcia Marquez Hispano-American Story Prize in 2016 and the Setenil Prize in 2017; and a poetry collection that was a finalist in the First Manuel del Cabral Poetry Prize in 2016, and won the 11th Claudio Rodríguez International Poetry Award in 2017. Her poems and stories have appeared in a range of different anthologies and have been translated into English, Italian, Hebrew and Romanian.

‘Valeria's hand creates tension and stretches out time to remind us that fear happens slowly.'


Eloy Tizón, El Cultural


'When we thought we had read everything, Valeria. When we believed that the universe of the story was created, Valeria. When we said that we already had the best Argentine writer and we mentioned Silvina, Angélica, Hebe... Valeria.'


Tes Nehuén, Bestia Lectora

Valeria Correa Fiz

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By Valeria Correa Fiz

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