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Xavier Velasco sees the novel as an innocent game of pleasure taken to its most extreme and atrocious consequences. He systematically dedicates mornings to get himself into literary trouble and the afternoon to find a way out of it - touring the streets and avenues of the always helpful Mexico City. He especially enjoys friendship with dogs, the smell of ink and renting scooters in psychotic cities.

In 2003 he won the Alfaguara prize for the Novel with Diablo Guardian (Guardian Devil). Describing eccentric characters and the unexpected surprises of living in the megalopolis, he has also published the short stories collection Luna llena en las rocas (Full Moon in the Rocks, 2006) and El materialismo histérico (Hysterical Materialism, 2005), as well as the novel Puedo explicarlo todo (I Can Explain Everything, 2011). He has also written two - very close to autobiographic - novels on the vicissitudes of childhood and teenagehood: Este que ves (What You See, 2007) and La Edad de la Punzada (Tweenage Pains, 2013).

The motto of his literary blog La leonina faena (www.xaviervelasco.com) is: "No one can say that a novel is yours until you have given yourself wholly to it."


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By Xavier Velasco

  • The last to die

    NOVEL, 2020

    "Everyone can die except the narrator, or the story also ends up in the pantheon." Here's a twisted love story. Our prospective hero has to earn his role in it with the rules he imposed as a...

  • Senseless Surrender

    NARRATIVE, 2018

    Rolling back the stone and raising your hand is the prerogative - seemingly more bestial than human - of the author of these letters. Frank as an open vein, well-aware of the cruel complicity...

  • The Rascal Years

    NARRATIVE, 2016

    Nights spent on Atari arcade games. The first Walkman. The great devaluation. Blouses with shoulder pads. Hugo's missed penalty. Pat Benatar's hairdos. That old song by The Clash. The day of the...

  • Growing Pains

    NOVEL, 2013

    This is the story of the worst student at school. Correction: the worst student in the entire history of the school. Almost fourteen years old with a bunch of losers for friends and a report card...

  • I Can Explain Everything

    NOVEL, 2011

    This is the story of a twentieth century rogue, a cornered fugitive one day, a quack therapist the next and then, in a moment of carelessness, he becomes a visitor of wakes for complete strangers....

  • What You See

    NOVEL, 2007

    "The boy in the painting is desperate. He needs to be saved but can't imagine who can save him. He wants to get out of there and doesn't know how." To be a boy is to understand that it's a...

  • Full Moon on the Rocks

    NARRATIVE, 2006

    "I'm not trying to see what's never been seen, but maybe, with a little luck, what has always been imagined." This book is about the good life . Because of this, the narrator takes us to the...

  • Hysterical Materialism

    SHORT STORIES, 2005.

    What came first: dollars or desire? According to traditional tales, unmitigated ambition has a high price. Experience, however, tells us that it also leads to high performance. With no hint of...

  • Guardian Devil

    NOVEL, 2003

    ALFAGUARA PRIZE FOR THE NOVEL 2003 Violetta is fifteen when she crosses the border carrying a hundred thousand dollars she stole from her parents, who are poster children for indifference....

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