Sergio Álvarez


Combines elements from historical, adventure, autofiction, thriller and even romantic genres. 35Muertos [35Dead], through the sorry adventures of a loser and the dozens of people he knows and meets along the way, tells the story of Columbia in the last forty years. Lost revolutionaries, macho guerillas, spiteful bandits, paramilitaries who are also bolero experts, drug traffickers being cheated on by their wives, exiles in cold lands, desaparecidos and even happy people forever at party all figure in this book whose every page is bursting with the vitality and tragedy that have always characterised Columbia's sad history. This is a stunningly written novel that will undoubtedly be hailed as one of the most important works in contemporary Latin American literature.

"35Dead is a coming of age antinovel in which the only lesson

the hero ever learns is continual disappointment.

This is the story of an ill-treated country where it is the most humble,

who only ever seek small happinesses in the private sphere,

that are the worst affected by the harsh winds of historical events."


PUBLISHED BY: Spanish worldwide ALFAGUARA | Bulgaria PARADOX | Greece METAICHMIO | Germany SUHRKAMP | Italy LA NUOVA FRONTIERA | The Netherlands SIGNATUUR | France FAYARD | Czech Republic HOST


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