Sicilian Romance

Vlady Kociancich


From the Sicily of Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa (1896-1957) to present day Buenos Aires. In the solitude of her home in the South American city a woman remembers. Her father has died and nothing can bring him back. Between her and the intense Sicily of her youth stretches an ocean as vast and chilling as the distance between her and what seems a long lost love.

The unsettling plot of Sicilian Romance offers passion, tension and an exotic feel that the savvy writing imbues with a timeless meaning. Love, literature, travel and the boundary separating the living from the dead all feature in this novel by Vlady Kociancich, one of the best Argentinian authors writing today.

In her confident, dream-like prose, Kociancich envelops us in a story that restores meaning to things that appear to have been lost long ago in a tangle of star-crossed passions, nostalgia and secrets. Her pen delves into the past where absences reveal what is truly important in life: the dark, unresolved moments that come back to haunt you and the scars they leave behind. 


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