Red Ashes

Socorro Venegas


‘There's nothing for me any more. Just an inexhaustible procession of cold, metallic nights.' ‘What I need is to feel a little hope.' ‘No-one could possibly envy me.' These lines are an indication of the depth, beauty and honesty of this memoir of grief and the determination to survive written by a woman whose lover has died in her arms.
Structured as a diary and full of poetry and vivid memories, Socorro Venegas reveals the dark processes of grief that run through a body and soul racked by absence, waiting and yearning. But the stars are out and light lingers on. This muted world of silent anguish is masterfully portrayed by the illustrator Gabriel Pacheco.



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Socorro Venegas' voice is as serene as her prose. She never loses her temper when she speaks or writes about scars, pains, losses, injustices. Perhaps that is why her words and narratives are always persuasive and compelling.

Antonio Ortuño, El País México


«Red Ashes, in short, is a story of life, not death.»

Alberto Arilla, El Periódico de Aragón


«Socorro Venegas is not a half-measure writer. Neither to recount life nor to recount the vertigo of death».

Antón Castro, Heraldo de Aragón


«Chronicle of a hellish season, but told with such quality that it contains in every page a secret light.»

Juan Márquez, Diario de Burgos


«Beautiful and unsettling [...] a book of great quality.»

Elmer Mendoza, El Universal


«Red Ashes is a treasurable book more than simply beautiful, written with a pain in real time, unspeakable in origin, that takes shape in the reader's soul.»

Eve Gil, La Jornada


«In the midst of darkness, Socorro Venegas makes the reader accompany her in search of lost breath.»

Mary Carmen Sánchez, Milenio


«Red Ashes reaffirms itself as a prelude to Socorro Venegas' novels and short stories. It contains the core of her obsessions and is perhaps the closest, most vivid and intimate glimpse of the fresco she has been creating around absences.»

Roberto Abad, La Tempestad



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