Colombian Psycho

Santiago Gamboa


«The word that best defines this violent, bereft republic is orphanhood. And what each of us truly is, deep down, is what we all want to conceal.»

Following the shocking discovery of human bones in the La Calera mountains to the east of Bogotá, Public Investigator Edilson Jutsiñamuy is tasked with finding out who they belong to with the assistance of Agent Laiseca and the rest of his team. Julieta Lezama, his journalist friend, will join the investigation which sees them begin to uncover a long chain of criminal atrocities. Their enquiries introduce them to the writer Santiago Gamboa and his work which turns out to harbour a fundamental clue to understanding the mystery behind the macabre find.
The wise, intuitive Jutsiñamuy and the intrepid but troubled Lezama return in a thrilling story full of unforgettable characters including a polyamorous indigenous professor and an enigmatic Argentine mercenary. Colombian Psycho is an enthralling game of mirrors in which the line between reality and fiction blurs as the author's fictions overlap with real life in a dangerous intrigue that also acts as an exposé of the state of a nation.

«Gamboa's talent at cultivating intrigue and the ebullient energy of his stories make for compulsive reading. »

Times Literary Supplement


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