With Blood in His Eye

Alejandro Parisi


With Blood in His Eye is the result of a pact between Alejandro Parisi and Álvaro Balestra. In this novel the writer and detective commence a literary duel: a tough but engaging former policeman against his creator, a talented and prolific writer. 

Balestra must solve this case and also protect Rengo, his unreliable assistant, a drifter with keen origami skills who is being pursued by a band of murderers obsessed with cleaning the ‘scum’ from Buenos Aires.  


Industrial espionage, infidelity, corruption and death stalk the streets of a dark city that is keeping Balestra from his favourite pastime, staring at the river from his home in Tigre, halfway between Argentina and Uruguay, while he drinks in silence in the company of his ghosts, the crimes of his past and the absences he refuses to accept.

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With Blood in His Eye is frankly entertaining

[...] not a word goes to waste and the plot is designed

to bring out the best in its protagonist.”

Felipe Fernández, LA NACIÓN


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