Report on a Suspicious Death

Vlady Kociancich


"The death of someone close to you always fills you with guilt and doubt" says one of the characters in this brilliant novel of suspense and intrigue.

Juan Turner, a young, successful lawyer, knows this only too well. In the few seconds that it takes for a tragic traffic accident to occur, his life is ruined by the death of his companion. Sick with regret, he secludes himself in a small town in the rural Province of Buenos Aires where he spent his childhood, accepting the office of local magistrate simply because it's easier to accept than refuse. A mixture of refuge and purgatory, his life in the country settles into a meaningless routine of unimportant business that slowly comes to consume his life, making him wonder why he chooses to stay. One of the answers arrives with the appearance of a beautiful woman, a guest at the only hotel. She visits him at his lodgings to tell him an extraordinary story about a body that has apparently disappeared.

In an impeccably woven plot that combines mystery with memorable characters, the magistrate sets out to learn the truth amid a swamp of rumours and local superstitions. The path to uncovering these hidden secrets will bring incredible revelations.

Vlady Kociancich paints a masterful portrait of lives and deaths that, while avoiding the clichés of the genre, expose the suffering, passions, fears and ambition of the protagonists. An extremely original modern crime novel, Report on a Suspicious Death offers further evidence of this great Argentine writer's talent and versatility.


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