Peace of Mind Without Anesthesia

Walter Riso


How to free yourself of everything that holds you back and prevents you from achieving wellbeing.

"If you think that something or someone is indispensable for your happiness, you have a serious problem: you are in the thrall of a master. I'm not talking about the air you breathe, the food you eat or the sleep that gives you rest, but many needs which you can easily get rid of without affecting your emotional or psychological state at all. It doesn't matter what's holding you back, be it fame, power, beauty, authority, social approval, the Internet, gambling, fashion or your partner; psychological addiction will make your life more and more unhealthy: you will kneel before it, pay it homage and live on a knife-edge out of fear of losing it. Establishing a relationship of dependence means handing over your soul in exchange for pleasure, a sense of safety or a dubious sense of achievement."

Walter Riso explains the nature of over-attachment and its causes, offering us advice on how to confront and prevent it without losing our passion for achieving our dreams and personal goals. With a fascinating mixture of cognitive psychology and oriental philosophy, Riso talks to us in clear, accessible language, providing examples and real-life cases and inviting us to strengthen our emotional independence and build a freer, healthier lifestyle.

The more attachments you can discard on your path through life, the closer you'll be to finding yourself.



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