Teach to Feel, Feel to Teach

Pilar Sordo


Over the last thirty years, the world has changed unimaginably. Our perception of relationships, health, communication, environmental awareness and the demands that work and businesses place on workers have all changed. Today, people are expected to be empathetic, charitable, sensitive and open-minded, to know how to work in teams and resolve conflicts. But where are these people going to come from if the education we are giving our children doesn't stimulate any of these so-called ‘soft skills'?
The objective of this book is to try to understand the contradiction and provide a detailed overview of the educational process, analyzing what is happening to our emotions at home and at school, in higher education and in the work environment. From our early infancy we are programmed to block out our most basic emotions, and these lessons are then reinforced throughout our formal education. Increasingly, we are expected to handle more and more information, to perfect our professionalism and assemble an enormous arsenal of cognitive knowledge but, paradoxically, we are growing more emotionally ignorant, losing our connection with ourselves. This terrible disconnect can lead to anguish and desperation but it is a burden we can overcome if we listen carefully to the deep meaning of the invitation Pilar Sordo extends in this book: teach to feel, feel to teach. That is the only possible path if we are to train the human beings that the future needs.


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