Jorge Consiglio


The winner of the 2001 Opera Prima Nuevos Narradores Prize in Spain, Good is one of the best novels written in Argentina in recent years. Like all notable texts, it convincingly portrays a period but also transcends it. Written and set in the early 21st century, the plot features five characters: Bodart and Grace, a married couple in crisis; Eamon, Grace's cousin, who hangs around the edges of their lives and is also the catalyst for a tragedy; Ronald, a German living in Argentina, exiled from his home country and himself; and Mejía, a policeman whose beat never changes and who suffers from the tedium of that routine with building resentment. All five are trapped in a miserable existence, trying to ignore the void around them, but when the veil falls, and it will, violence becomes a natural option. The setting is a Buenos Aires that is either openly hostile or simply distant and indifferent.
Masterfully written and told from the different perspectives of the five characters, whose stories will eventually come together, Good is a parable of disappointment, portraying the liminal moment when lives get stuck and anything seems possible.


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