The Man Who Stared at the Sky

Hernán Rivera Letelier


Every day, at the corner of one of the busiest streets in Antofagasta, an old man would stop just to look up at the sky. It is with him that the story begins.

A street painter and traffic-light acrobat decide to unravel the mystery surrounding the strange old man and accompany him on a trip to San Pedro de Atacama. ‘I want to be blessed by the skies there,' he tells them.

Together, they set off on a trip across the desert that will force them to confront a tragic past and reveal the true, implacable reason behind the journey. The prose of Rivera Letelier is as clear as one of the main protagonists of this tale: the skies of northern Chile.


PUBLISHED BY: Spanish ALFAGUARA | Arabic DAR AL-SAQI | Czech Republic RUNA

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