The Ulysses Syndrome

Santiago Gamboa


A young writer who washes dishes in a nightmarish kitchen of an oriental restaurant evokes the voices of friends and numerous women in a dizzying testimony of African, oriental, Latin and also French tongues and skins. Rarely has a work of fiction explored immigrant life with such drama, tension and beauty. The Ulysses Syndrome, the name for the despair of foreigners living in solitude in an unknown land where tensions brew in crowded ghettos of illegal immigrants, is a novel that has more in common with the riotous and precarious Paris of Henry Miller than the festive City of Lights of Hemingway or Fitzgerald. A story about wildly young lives lit only by the intensity of their adventures. Several months on the bestseller list in Colombia and undisputable success at the Bogota Book Fair are proof of the highly favorable reception the public has accorded this splendid novel.

"The Ulisses Syndrome is an exciting,

wise and moving novel."

Alberto Manguel

PUBLISHED BY: Spanish worldwide SEIX BARRAL | Brazil PLANETA | France MÉTAILIÉ | Portugal ASA

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