The Women’s Temple

Vlady Kociancich


The brilliant writer Vlady Kociancich merges genres in the best Argentine tradition: her distinctive combination of cosmopolitanism with an Argentinian flavour, fantastical themes adapted to contemporary circumstances and unbridled romanticism has earned her acclaim in Argentina and across the world.

Mistral, an illustrator for fashion magazines, a relaxed, confident woman, is staying in a hotel in Paris when an inexplicable event turns her happy, tranquil life upside down. Up until now she has travelled from city to city with just one passion; drawing, and one goal, to put some distance between herself and the tragic story of the women in her family. However, when fate intervenes, events spin out of control and she is swept along to a Greek island in the Cyclades where, thousands of years ago, in a temple dedicated to the Goddess Aphrodite, women were forced to make drastic choices.

With masterful plotting, understated humour and vivid travel sequences, the excellence of Kociancich's writing and imaginative power once again come to the fore as she critiques the established order and champions impossible virtues.


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