The Visitor

Sergio Chejfec


"The visitor wanders around at a languorous pace. His gaze is like a travelling shot in which characters and themes appear at their own behest. Does the dawdling rhythm that one finds in the essays collected in The Visitor provide the key to reading Sergio Chejfec's fiction? Can a poetic be defined by movement?

Wandering, walking. A bodily movement, an organic rhythm, a pulse, special pauses, brief but unpredictable interruptions. A distinctive way of seeing the world that defines his writing: walking as a way of acquiring knowledge.

This book consists of a diverse collection of texts of varying origins that Sergio Chejfec has written over the years: from short essays to reviews and oral presentations, all revised specially for this volume. If there's something that these texts share, it's their special focus on a specific event or object in which the theme often serves as the inspiration for fiction. They exemplify Chejfec's rambling, rhetorical style, addressing early interests such as the city, exile and memory along with other more recent preoccupations: the figure of the writer and different modes of writing." Alejandra Laera



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