Out of the cage

Fernanda García Lao

NOVEL. EMECÉ, 2014. 300 PAGES.

Out of the Cage begins with the unexpected death of the protagonist. In the midst of the celebrations for a national holiday, a broken LP runs through Aurora’s neck as the band starts to play the national anthem. Although her husband, a retired colonel, her two-headed son and the insolent maid are all standing right next to her as the ‘martial delirium’ plays, none of them notice her death. Transformed into a narrator, Aurora becomes a bodiless witness to her own absence while Lana Carne, a girl made up by the Colonel, takes her place. From an imminent beyond, Aurora’s conscience interprets a reality inhabited by strange characters and weirdly erotic situations.

Out of the Cage encourages an allegorical reading of three key periods of Peronism: 56, 75, and 89. This is an intimate story whose domesticity reflects collective histories and challenges basic institutions, exposing them as ridiculous, empty gestures. In this novel, homeland, family, marriage, art, maternity, love, desire and filial relationships are perverse masks that conceal abjection, lies and violence.

Fernanda García Lao has created a ferociously written, exhilarating and surrealist plot, told with brutal lyricism and black humour in the desperate voice of a dead woman.


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