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Indiana Rita, Rita Indiana


This is the story of the children of the revolution, of many revolutions. This is life on an island. No, two islands: from Cuba to the Dominican Republic and back again. And yet, the novel isn't local: its passion, contradictory characters, and portrayal of how ideas about justice and equality are discarded in the pursuit of riches are universal themes. It often feels as though we might be reading about the everyday life of anyone, anywhere. Let's say it plain: Argenis Luna, the protagonist of this novel, is as much a mythological character as he is a pariah on earth. After ten pages in his company you'll love and understand him. His contradictions are our own and he will stay with us forever.

PUBLISHED BY: Spain PERIFÉRICA | North and Central America OCÉANO | Colombia LAGUNA | English AND OTHER STORIES

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Other titles from Rita Indiana:

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