Men Come to a Town

Hernán Rivera Letelier


Men Come to a Town is a collection of three brief novels. A violinist, conman and photographer arrive at three different towns in northern Chile during the saltpetre boom. There, they will encounter the harsh history of the desert with its exploitation of workers and the lost world of saltpetre offices but also friendship and love.
On the barren plains, these three men will not only expose a disappearing world but also parts of themselves in a fading universe that helps each to discover their destiny.
A masterful narrative with a phantasmagorical atmosphere depicting a place no one knows better than Hernán Rivera Letelier.

The work of Hernán Rivera Letelier has not just revived the fiction and imaginative world of the Atacama region and periods that were fundamental to the history of Chile, it also reveals the fruits of a thirty year career that has always maintained a coherent spirit in addition to winning popularity with readers.



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