The Cooking of Inés Ortega

Inés & Simone Ortega


This new work by INÉS ORTEGA is conceived as a contemporary recipe book for healthy and economic cooking, incorporating the knowledge learned from her mother, Simone Ortega, author of the essential 1080 RECIPES, and also the experience garnered from many years of passionate dedication to the art of cookery. Times have changed, and INÉS ORTEGA'S KITCHEN fuses traditional cooking with the latest gastronomic trends. It is an up to date recipe book in which even well known dishes are given an original new twist whether through innovative ingredients, the way they are cooked or the way they are presented on the table. Aware that today more than ever time is scarce and it is very important to keep to a strict budget, Ortega has come up with many quick to prepare, economic recipes. 

The book also contains special sections for athletes, vegetarians, diabetics, people with hypertension, coeliacs, etc. as well as sections on the best cooking implements, the art of hosting and even a summary of an often forgotten quality: good table manners. This is an essential book.      


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