The Dramatic Experience

Sergio Chejfec


During their weekly walks, or in a café in the busy city where they live, Rose and Félix have long conversations linked to their wanderings and the world around them as though they need specific surroundings in which to discuss the past and present of their lives.

Their meetings aren’t trivial, in spite of appearances. After the lightness of foot with which they traverse the streets and avenues on a cold, winter afternoon, Rose and Félix delve into their weightiest thoughts and memories. They are trying to define the dramatic experience like actors in a play – life – on a stage – the city – in which they are subject to their own choices and the opportune involvement of chance.

Sergio Chejfec, one of the best Argentine authors writing today, consolidates his reputation with the quality and originality of his poetics: the narrator begins his journey with a minor, apparently banal observation but then takes his characters along with him to a remote, withdrawn space. When he returns he brings with him a world – another world – filled with beings and things that change the familiar setting and illuminate everything visible like a heavenly body.

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