Death Smells of Patchouli

Hernán Rivera Letelier


A mystery that lay buried for decades reunites the most unlikely pair of detectives in the north of Chile, Tira Gutiérrez and Sister Tegualda.

A few days after the demolition of the former prison of Antofagasta, a tunnel connecting the penitentiary to the city comes to light. The news comes as a surprise to the authorities - a subterranean escape was never reported in the history of the prison - and sends the widow of Army Lieutenant Arturo Calderón Iriarte back to the detectives' office.

The haughty old woman believes that the tunnel is related to the disappearance of her husband, which occurred forty years ago. This new adventure brings the protagonists closer: to investigate the case they will have to go to Taltal (and spend the night together) in search of the famous Ojitos Lindos, one of the most beautiful showgirls of the seventies who, now old and retired, lives on the street ‘where whores go to die.' They must also visit the new prison where one of the leaders of the fearsome Robert Taylor gang is serving a life sentence. Both the prostitute and the prisoner look to be key to uncovering the truth.



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