The Inhabited Woman

Gioconda Belli


After finishing her architecture studies in Europe, Lavinia returns to Latin America to start out on her path as an independent woman. But her plans change when she meets Felipe, with whom she starts a deeply emotional relationship. The affair will also give her the chance to get involved in the popular struggles and liberation movements against the dictatorship in her country.

La mujer habitada (The Occupied Woman) immerses the reader into a vital, magical world in which the ancestral resistance of the indigenes against the conquistadors is linked to women's movements and contemporary political insurgencies. Considered one of the most important voices in new Latin American literature, Gioconda Belli tells a story as old as the world with poetry and intelligence: the love between a man and woman and the struggle of a people for freedom.


PUBLISHED BY: Spanish SEIX BARRAL | Arabic GEBO / DAR ALMADA | China GUANGXI | Italy E/O | The Netherlands DE GEUS | Turkey LAIKA

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