The Curses

Claudia Piñeiro


"You can get into politics for many different reasons. Some of them more legitimate than others. But also by mistake, out of apathy, or because you don't know any better. Because you were in the right place at the right time. Or the wrong place at the wrong time."

Román Sabaté enters the world of politics almost by accident, but the move will seal his fate. The constant tension between a young man from the provinces' need for work and the secret intentions of the politician who has chosen him as his private secretary is the central conflict of the novel: two men struggling against each other in a story in which even paternity comes into play. Magic, double-talk and crime, everything is fair game. The Curses reveals the truth behind the so-called ‘new politics': an absolute pragmatism that conceals a deceitful lack of scruples and limitless ambition.

Claudia Piñeiro has written an insightful, moving and contemporary novel that focuses on the perversions of those in power but also leaves room for stories about loyalty and true love.


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