The Imposters

Santiago Gamboa

NOVEL, 2002

A journalist living in Paris who has always wanted to be a writer, a philologist determined to travel in search of experience, following in the footsteps of a writer he admires, and a failed writer and professor of literature in Austin who dreams of publishing a literary bestseller and is willing to do whatever it takes to be famous, find themselves enmeshed in a murky plot set in the remote heart of China.

Suárez Salcedo, Gilbert Klauss and Chouchén Otálora are impostors, people who want to be something they aren’t. They travel to Peking unaware that they are all looking for the same thing for different reasons: a manuscript that forms the central part of the doctrine of a secret society that went underground when its leaders, the Boxers, were harshly repressed.

This is a gripping mystery novel full of humour, irony and literary winks to the reader. It is written in several different forms: a confession, scientific notes, a voice recording, a poem and a travel diary. Santiago Gamboa, one of the leading figures in contemporary Latin American fiction, uses his remarkable talent to portray the deeds of a series of characters torn between life and literature.

Spanish SEIX BARRAL |France MÉTALIÉ | Germany WAGENBACH | Romania PARALELA 45 |

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