My Name Is Malarrosa

Hernán Rivera Letelier


She was supposed to have been named Malvarossa but a registration error changed the course of her fate. The girl, a bird lover with a mirage-like gaze and a strange gift for decorating the dead, confronts with the strength of mind of an adult a world that is disappearing into thin air, like the illusion of water in the desert. With the killing of the workers of San Gregorio as a backdrop, Malarrosa observes with warm, unprejudiced eyes the weaknesses of her poker-playing father, the canine-like loyalty of the boxer Oliverio Trébol, and the suffering of Yungay, the mythical village where she lives. This new novel by Hernán Rivera Letelier relates with humor and compassion another aspect of the epic lives of the men and women who work in the saltpeter mines, a harsh world about to vanish forever.

PUBLISHED BY: Spanish worldwide ALFAGUARA | France MÉTAILIÉ | Germany SUHRKAMP

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