Look at Me

Antonio Ungar


«A new family has moved in opposite: flat 21, fifth floor on Rue C. They arrived on Monday. They're dark-skinned. Indians, Arabs or Gypsies. They have a daughter.» Thus begins the first note by the protagonist of this novel: a solitary, obsessive man who self-medicates, can't get over the death of his sister and lives in a neighbourhood rapidly being taken over by immigrants. He records everything he sees in his diary in great detail.
As the book goes on the reader sees him observing the lives of his new neighbours, whom he suspects of dealing drugs. He grows more and more obsessed with the daughter and eventually installs hidden cameras so he can spy on her in the bath, on the balcony, in bed or being bullied by one of her brothers. As he gets further entrapped in the life of the girl, about whom he thinks he knows everything, he shifts from merely observing to taking action. However, things are not quite as they seem, someone may in fact be observing him. While the erotic, violent tension grows, the narrator starts to feel persecuted and begins to make enigmatic plaster angels as he prepares to do something that will change everything...
Antonio Ungar has written a gripping, unsettling, disturbing novel about immigration and xenophobia. It is a powerful portrait of a character driven by a neurotic obsession that develops into a dark but thrilling crescendo.

Review El Periodico (Spanish)

«Ungar is an unflinching writer, with delightful brevity he has exposed one of the most horrifying phenomena of our everyday lives.» Ricardo Baixeras, El Periódico




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