Cattle Nation

Fernanda García Lao


"A bureaucracy of meat, a shady council planning systems with the dedication of artists, a scouting culture that seeks out suitable women. But what are they suitable for? Cattle Nation depicts a mysterious reality, glimpses of a neverending nightmare, a terrifying present that never quite comes to pass, inhospitable locations, shifting laws, slaughterhouses, meat capsules, clandestine sex and, most of all, the slightly demented anxiety that comes with great expectations.
Fernanda García Lao is an artist of the narrative fragment in its most poetic and violent form. Atrocity asserts itself with a gentle touch, classicism merges with barbarity. Why does literature exist if not to produce surprises like this? Cattle Nation is a natural product of the mixed-up times in which we live. As we read we are sucked in, digested and spat out by the author's voracious metabolism. In prose that reads like a mixture of Osvaldo Lamborghini and Kafka she presents a detailed inventory of the processes by which unwritten laws are followed.
Cattle Nation is an Argentine memory of a future that happened without our noticing. It is a ghost reality that drives our senses crazy, leaving us unsure whether to snuggle up or run away, shielded by the cobwebs of our everyday lives." Juan José Becerra


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