Our Desserts

Marina Rivas & Inés Ortega


Inés Ortega and Marina Rivas present the latest instalment in their ‘1080 new cooking ideas' series, which, on this occasion, is focused on desserts. As in their previous books, Our Desserts is a practical, creative guide featuring sweet and not quite so sweet recipes to round off a meal, or for delicious teas and breakfasts. Split into two sections, one dedicated to contemporary, healthy desserts (numerous different takes on fruit, smoothies and sorbets) by Marina Rivas and the other featuring more traditional ideas by Inés Ortega in the celebrated 1080 style, where classical confectionary comes to the fore (pastries, tarts, biscuits and flans), this book is the perfect double-faceted guide to a large variety of desserts to suit everyone's tastes. It is based on the gastronomic experiences of the authors, with personalized concepts and advice for easier, practical, balanced desserts that will delight diners everywhere.

PUBLISHED BY: Spanish worldwide ALIANZA

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