Old Dog

Ernesto Mallo


The return of Captain Lascano 

Admitted into El Hogar, a luxury care home, Captain Lascano is at an all-time low: the home turns out to be the scene of a crime of which he is the main suspect and because of his failing memory even he isn't sure whether he did it or not. Nonetheless, Lascano feels the call of duty and agrees to work with the police on an investigation that might well send him to prison. However, as the investigation progresses it will become clear that he was far from the only one with a motive to get rid of the victim...

This novel - an accomplished homage to classic whodunnits - features a memorable cast of characters while exploring issues such as old age, politics, justice and its absence, and the relationship between power and money. Friendship, desire and lost loves also play a prominent role this distinctive universe where recollections and the imagination constantly merge to illuminate the fiction we call memory: we never remember things as they were, only as we are.


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