Night Prayers

Santiago Gamboa


"A young man in a dirty, dank cell in Bangkok; a woman lying in bed next to a man she doesn't love, pretending to be asleep.

   Words, words, words.

   Night Prayers.

Two silent litanies, and myself caught in the middle of this strange storm, close to a planet they built for themselves but never inhabited. Two fragile beings who miss being happy and, perhaps, being ignored so long as they are together, with life getting in the way, like a wall."

Santiago Gamboa  


Manuel, a Colombian philosophy student, is accused of drug trafficking and held in a jail cell in Bangkok. In spite of the fact that he could face the death sentence if found guilty, he is more worried about seeing his sister, who disappeared in Colombia years before. His story moves the Colombian consul in New Dehli, who will set out on a quest to try to reunite the two siblings. Written in crystalline prose with a tinge of melancholy, Night Prayers is the story of a strong woman who will do whatever it takes to see justice done and a student who travels halfway across the world in search of the only person who ever loved him. It is also the story of a family trapped in a violent society: Uribe's Colombia as seen through the eyes of two young dreamers living in the shadow of paramilitary groups and the ranks of the disappeared. But above all, Night Prayers is a novel about love.    

PUBLISHED BY: Spanish worldwide MONDADORI | English worldwide EUROPA EDITIONS | Arabic AL ARABI | French MÉTAILIÉ | Greece POLIS | Italian EDIZIONI E/O | Korea HYUNDAE MUNHAK

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