Collected Poetry

William Ospina


The collected poetry of William Ospina, from his early poems to the collections Hilo de arena (Thread of Sand), La luna del dragón (The Dragon Moon), El país del viento (Wind Country), ¿Con quién habla Virginia caminando hacia el agua? (Who is Virginia Talking To as She Walks Over Water?) and África.

“I can only see William as a poet, even if his other books have earned more critical acclaim, public fame and the odd admiring word from notable personages. He is a poet in the most radical sense, it radiates out from every page he’s written be it fiction, non-fiction or genres we don’t even know how to classify.”

José María Espinasa


"Ospina pleasingly mixes genres together, he makes stories into poems, poems into stories and writes essays in verse. His texts are constructed through carefully measured metrics and clean, elegant choices. Metaphysical presences (time, memory, death) loom over his writing until they make their presence felt.”

Luis Jorge Boone


“William Ospina’s serene conceptual poetry is a desperate struggle to save the things he loves most from chaos, unreality and the river that washes everything away: time.”

Humberto Marín

Other titles from William Ospina:

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