Rebellions and Revelations

Gioconda Belli


"The woman rebels, she reveals herself," said José Coronel Urtecho in his prologue to Gioconda Belli's first poetry collection. In this new work, which falls somewhere between autobiography, essay and anthology, Belli proves him right and shows us how she has resisted oppression in many different forms: she joined the FSLN's struggle against the Somoza dictatorship and revealed herself, her body and sensuality in her poetry as a woman taking a stand against machismo. Rebellions and Revelations is an account of her personal and literary life, as Laura Mintegi says in the preface to this edition: "Nobody can ever show who Gioconda Belli is better than her. And she did so in the most feminine way she could think of: thinking through her feelings and intuitions. Because that is what women's literature is, writing from what one is, from the fact that one is a woman." This is a profound and uncompromising exploration of the poet as a woman.


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