I only fly in your fall

Magela Baudoin


Nico's death leaves this large family out in the open, and it must rebuild itself to assimilate the loss. The father, hermetic, will urge everyone not to cry, to be strong. The mother, forceful in her grief, will not be able to overcome the undisguisable abyss that distances her from her daughter Filis. The older sister will block her emotions to become a support, and the brothers Hector and Adriano will find comfort in a poetic image, because before a fall there is always flight.

Review: La Nación 


"Reality is vulgar", says one of the characters, but Magela Baudoin is there to turn it into literature and make it a particular jewel. 

Claudia Piñeiro


A condensation of drama and mourning, a meticulous linguistic work.

Télam Digital


"Baudoin has been characterized by an intimate, meticulous and at the same time assorted register, in the line of Clarice Lispector for the emotional complexity of her creatures".

José María Brindisi, La Nación


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