Fernanda García Lao


Tormented by the suicidal delirium of a mother obsessed with the lives of the saints and the silent apathy of a proctologist father, the protagonist of Sulfide is obsessed with achieving a degree of normality: she marries and divorces young, marries again and moves to a seemingly quiet neighbourhood. However, on the other side of the street there is a cemetery and when the lives of the others (the dead) get tangled up with hers she sets out on a one-way journey into what Lovecraft called the mountains of madness.
A story of ghosts and terror, Sulfide is both a lucid exploration of mental fragility and a biting criticism of social conventions and the perverse hypocrisy of good manners, written with the distinctive poetic intensity and untrammelled imagination that make Fernanda García Lao one of the most original and irreverent writers in contemporary Latin American literature.

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«In this dark, nightmarish atmosphere, where uncertainty is the only guarantee, the insane plot hints at another equally absurd world beyond the pages, as though literature were also prophecy.»

Mónica López Ocón, Tiempo Argentino


«The narrator, playwright and poet Fernanda García Lao has now contributed to this very important section of the great human library with Sulfuro (Candaya, 2022), a very accurate interpretation of death, the dead and their landscapes, in which they are related to life, the living and our landscapes, sometimes much more tragic than the happy life of the ghosts that our protagonist perceives, a woman we meet through voices that emerge from the pages of the book whose origin, whose focus, remains deliberately unclear.»

Eduardo Almiñana, Valencia Plaza


«Fernanda García presents "Sulfuro", her second novel with Editorial Candaya. Fernanda narrates in the second person with short, accurate sentences full of meaning. She quotes, evokes and takes us to a world of saints and dead, of dirty swimming pools and fetid neighborhoods, of other people's children and their own repulsive husbands. Fernanda, who was in the tower of babel with her previous novel "Vaccine Nation", now returns with this story of fear and ghosts, but also of a terrible and daily reality, that of madness.»

Ana Segura, La Torre de Babel


«Sulfuro, the new novel by Fernanda García Lao, one of the most original Argentine narrators of the moment, is a story of madness, ghosts and fragilities that is part of the current tradition of horror literature, of the unusual and the disturbing that so much has attracted attention recently, especially those written by women, such as Giovanna Rivero, Mónica Ojeda, Mariana Enríquez, Samanta Schweblin or María Bastarós.»

Pilar Martínez, Culturamas


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