All Yours

Claudia Piñeiro


A heart drawn in rouge, with ‘I love you’ scrawled over it and signed ‘Yours’ tells Inés that her husband is cheating on her. What follows is not just a gripping, highly entertaining crime story, but an unflinching portrayal of middle class family life in which Claudia Piñeiro ingeniously captures different voices in Argentine society, especially that of a housewife willing to do anything to protect her marriage and keep up appearances.

“Claudia Piñeiro has produced a strange pearl, Yours, a tough crime

novel featuring a female protagonist and all the genre elements:

violence, deceit, and a complicated web of conflict, turned up to eleven."

Elvio E. Gandolfo


“All Yours is a magnificently well put together crime thriller,

with surprising twists and a perfect ending."

Elsa Drucaroff

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