Uncle Bill

Bef, Bernardo Fernández


William S. Burroughs arrived in Mexico City in 1949 accompanied by his wife Joan, his stepdaughter Julie and Billy, his young son. Destined to become the most important experimental writer in the United States, the still young Bill was just flirting with the idea of writing a novel. He had no idea that in a couple of years he would accidentally kill Joan with a shot to the head during a stupid game of William Tell.

Uncle Bill tells the story of Burroughs' unfortunate relationship with Mexico, his mishaps prior to his forced flight from the still provincial Mexico City after the fatal accident as well as his brief stay in the Lecumberri prison and the love-hate relationship that a reader can establish with a work by an author from whom they are separated by time and space but to whom they still feel inexorably connected.

Uncle Bill is an extremely ambitious graphic novel by one of Mexico's most important writers and graphic artists.

«Bef has delved into one of literature's most dramatic episodes

-the turbulent life of William S. Burroughs in Mexico-

to create a masterpiece.»

Juan Villoro


«Essential reading.»

Joselo Rangel (Café Tacvba)


PUBLISHED BY: Chile CATALONIA | Colombia LAGUNA | Spain BANG EDICIONES | North and Central America (Spanish) SEXTO PISO

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