Journey to the End of Memory

Gastón García Marinozzi


On the eleventh of September, 2001, the journalist Mario Palmero was sent from Mexico City to New York to cover the attack on the Twin Towers. Because flights had been grounded, he travelled by car to Manhattan, driving non-stop for three days, convinced that the Third World War was about to break out. He was accompanied by a pair of war photographers: a sardonic European photojournalist whose career was in decline and an old Latin American journalist beset by scruples. As they journey through a traumatised land, the tension between the travellers increases and the journalist begins to exhaustively examine his life thus far: the Argentine dictatorship he'd experienced as a child followed by forced exile and the increasing violence he's seeing in Mexico where he now lives. Soon the journey through America would give rise to inexorable scrutiny of the dangers to which humanity is forever in danger of succumbing.

«Ironic, unsettling, funny, and hysterical, just like the title. Is this a fictional road trip or veiled autobiography?»
Margo Glantz


«A powerful story in the tradition of the great Mexican road-novels such as A Change of Skin by Carlos Fuentes, Mantra by Rodrigo Fresán and The Savage Detectives by Roberto Bolaño.»
Martín Caparrós

«A novel about foreignness that reinterprets the idea of the anti-hero, the decadent protagonist and expands it to all of humanity.»

«Journey to the End of Memory says a lot in a few pages. Just one is enough to capture a story or create an atmosphere so clear with a plot so well crafted that you find yourself re-reading every paragraph in wonder.»
Marcelo Larraquy, CLARÍN

«These aren't new memories: Journey to the End of Memory offers new ways to find or lose them.»
Martín Kohan



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