• Oracle Night

    NOVEL, 2022

    Paul Auster

    After spending a long time in the hospital on the verge of death, writer Sidney Orr buys a strange blue notebook in a Brooklyn stationery store. That same night he begins to write in it a story...

  • Streets

    NON FICTION, 2022

    Felipe Pigna

    This is not a traditional book, the kind with a beginning and an end, that you read from first page to last like a novel or story collection although there's no reason you couldn't and enjoy...

  • Red Ashes

    MEMORIES, 2022

    Socorro Venegas

    ‘There's nothing for me any more. Just an inexhaustible procession of cold, metallic nights.' ‘What I need is to feel a little hope.' ‘No-one could possibly envy me.' These lines...

  • Delicatessen. Tout est Bon


    Lucas Nine draws the Paris of the Belle Époque, the Paris of the Impressionists, and that suits his style perfectly. René Dulac, a social columnist for the newspaper Le...

  • A foreign son

    CHRONICLE, 2022

    Eduardo Berti

    Following the publication of Un padre extranjero (A Foreign Father), Eduardo Berti receives a wholly unexpected package in the mail: photocopies of a set of documents that his father, who was born...

  • Darwin or the origin of old age

    NOVEL, 2022

    Federico Jeanmaire

    UNICAJA FERNANDO QUIÑONES NOVEL PRIZE A man gets out of a plane on the Galapagos Islands. He's a musician and has chosen to come to this mysterious, remote part of the world to spend his...

  • Sulfide

    NOVEL, 2022.

    Fernanda García Lao

    Tormented by the suicidal delirium of a mother obsessed with the lives of the saints and the silent apathy of a proctologist father, the protagonist of Sulfide is obsessed with achieving a...

  • Open Letters

    NOVEL, 2022.

    Juan Esteban Constaín

    Is it possible to reinvent the past? To what extent can fiction change the course of events? Marcelino Quijano y Quadra, an enlightened Popayán native and invincible gambler, man of all...

  • Real Places

    NOVEL, 2022

    Gastón García Marinozzi

    "What would you ask a pair of whales before they die? What would you ask lovers about to say goodbye?" It's the 24th of December and the year is almost over. It's not the only thing about to...

  • Gente que habla dormida


    Luciano Lamberti

    With a wide range of plots and a powerful, clear, simple style, these three story collections interrogate, delve into and decipher what we call reality: town streets and country roads, boredom,...

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