• The Earth Started to Burn

    NARRATIVE, 2019

    Cynthia Edul

    In October 2010, the narrator travelled to Syria with her mother, who hadn’t been to her homeland in many years. On the journey they would be reunited with their family, which straddles two...

  • Faster

    NOVEL, 2019

    Eduardo Berti

    At the relaxed pace that Fangio describes as the ideal speed, Eduardo Berti casts a net of profound, carefully disordered memories in an original, nostalgic coming of age tale.  Buenos...

  • A thousand loves

    SELF-HELP, 2019

    Walter Riso

    In addition to being a renowned psychologist and sought-after conference speaker, Walter Riso is a great author of aphorisms. Every day, thousands of readers look for his phrases on Twitter and...

  • San Francisco

    POETRY, 2014

    Luciano Lamberti

    Before the stories in El asesino de chanchos (The Pig Killer) and El loro que podía adivinar el futuro (The Parrot who Could Predict the Future), Luciano Lamberti wrote poetry. In 2008...

  • Plan para una invasión zombie

    NON FICTION, 2018

    Luciano Lamberti

    Plan for a Zombie Invasion is a collection of articles, reviews, and interviews with Argentine writers that Luciano Lamberti has written for different media outlets. Together, they form a kind...

  • Los campos magnéticos

    SHORT NOVEL, 2013

    Luciano Lamberti

    Hippie adventures, coming of age journeys, psychologists, relationships and a lot of pills all feature in this short novel by Luciano Lamberti to create a hair-raising, gripping world. This is a...

  • You´re for Me

    NOVEL, 2018

    José Niemetz

    Estela is an obese woman with an extraordinary libido whose life has been a litany of abuse and neglect. The garden nursery she runs – whose secrets are passed down from generation to...

  • The Schoolteacher

    NOVEL, 2016

    Luciano Lamberti

    A novel by one of the most original and promising contemporary writers around: an unsettling tale in which the voices of a village tell a story that might be interpreted as paranoid or...

  • Eucalyptus House


    Luciano Lamberti

    A doctor gets lost on the trail back to his home town. A young president is visited by a spirit who promises to reveal the secret of success. A man dies repeatedly only to be revived over and over...

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