• You´re for Me

    NOVEL, 2018

    José Niemetz

    Estela is an obese woman with an extraordinary libido whose life has been a litany of abuse and neglect. The garden nursery she runs – whose secrets are passed down from generation to...

  • The Schoolteacher

    NOVEL, 2016

    Luciano Lamberti

    A novel by one of the most original and promising contemporary writers around: an unsettling tale in which the voices of a village tell a story that might be interpreted as paranoid or...

  • Eucalyptus House


    Luciano Lamberti

    A doctor gets lost on the trail back to his home town. A young president is visited by a spirit who promises to reveal the secret of success. A man dies repeatedly only to be revived over and over...

  • The Parrot who Could Predict the Future


    Luciano Lamberti

    “In this hyper-driven world ravaged by chaos and haste, Lamberti’s books are tantamount to a religious experience. One becomes immersed in these tales and characters, which cascade...

  • The Murderous Swineherd


    Luciano Lamberti

    “Lamberti moves on from poetry to make his fiction debut in the best way possible.” Maximiliano Tomas “A book that feels autobiographical even if it is full of murderers...

  • 10 Magical Places in Argentina

    NON FICTION, 2011

    Viviana Rivero

    In this wonderful book, Viviana Rivero and Lucía Gálvez combine their talents to offer readers a rich vision of ten places in Argentina possessed of compelling magnetism and...

  • And They Went

    NOVEL, 2011

    Viviana Rivero

    Andalusia, 1906: Isabel Alaya is growing up on an idyllic vineyard in Algarrobo. When a plague destroys most of her family's crops, Isabel is forced to marry the wealthy Paco Reyes and follow him...

  • The Lady of the Night

    NOVEL, 2013

    Viviana Rivero

    Buenos Aires, 1935: The young attorney Juan Bautista falls in love with April, the beautiful daughter of his most bitter rival. Compelled by a painting that resonates deeply within him and in...

  • Woman and Schoolteacher (in a world of men)

    NOVEL, 2010

    Viviana Rivero

    “Manuel’s grey eyes and angular cheekbones popped into her mind. But she drove the image away by concentrating on the school. Her determination to expand the education system in the...

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