• Cooking without Gluten, Eggs or Lactose

    COOKING, 2018

    Inés & Simone Ortega

    Written in the same spirit as the classic 1080 recetas de cocina (1080 Recipes), which made cooking easy for every family with clear recipes and easy to find ingredients for a wide variety of...

  • Collected Poetry

    POETRY, 2017

    William Ospina

    The collected poetry of William Ospina, from his early poems to the collections Hilo de arena (Thread of Sand), La luna del dragón (The Dragon Moon), El país del viento (Wind...

  • Before the Fierce Encounter


    Agustina Bazterrica

    "Ferocity is the running theme of these stories; a ferocity of tooth, nail, style and energy. The fluid corrosiveness of each text evokes the knife-edge trodden by the characters: psychopaths...

  • Exquisite Cadaver

    NOVEL, 2017

    Agustina Bazterrica

    A virus that initially spreads among animals proves deadly to humans, turning the world into a grey, cynical and inhospitable place. Society is divided between those who eat and those who are...

  • Kill the Girl

    NOVEL, 2013

    Agustina Bazterrica

    A homicidal angel. A saintly girl. A plot that won't let up set in an infernal heaven. Like Alice in Wonderland, Kill the Girl takes us into an upside down world. A decadent heaven built for a...

  • Maria Speaks. A Graphic Novel about Autism


    Bernardo Fernández, Bef Bef, Bernardo Fernández ,

    There are two voices in this charming novel. One belongs to Bef, who tells a tale that will be familiar to anyone close to a differently abled child. The other to Maria, who speaks with the power...

  • The Captain Croce Casebook


    Ricardo Piglia

    The inimitable Captain Croce was a protagonist of one of Ricardo Piglia's major novels, Blanco nocturno ( Target in the Night ). Here, the author returns to the character in a series of hugely...

  • Those Who Come at Night


    Fernanda García Lao

    The beauty of the night includes its underworld. Written in a spontaneous tone, L os que vienen de la noche is a collection of scenes that, when combined, paint a picture of a single night. When...

  • Who Doesn't


    Claudia Piñeiro

    A powerful new story collection from Claudia Piñeiro. These tales portray everyday, familiar situations distorted by oddities that might ordinarily go unnoticed: minor obsessions that twist...

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