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  • Caterva

    NOVEL, 1937

    Juan Filloy

  • Op Oloop

    NOVEL, 1934

    Juan Filloy

    Buenos Aires, 1930’s. The Finnish statistician Op Oloop leads a methodical, disciplined life, though he spends his time in expensive restaurants and Turkish baths, with a circle of weird friends....

  • Periplo


    Juan Filloy

  • Estafen

    NOVEL, 1931

    Juan Filloy

  • Aquende

    NOVEL, 1935

    Juan Filloy

  • The Death Rattle of a Decade, New York, ‘78


    Manuel Puig

    The Death Rattle of a Decade, New York, ’78 is a book that needs to be discovered. On the one hand, the stories within it make for an incredibly fascinating volume; and on the other...

  • Greta Garbo's eyes

    NOVEL, 1993

    Manuel Puig

    An old Italian emigrant in Argentina dreams of the masterpieces of neorealist cinema. The same character, after receiving a letter, seeks out his identity among the ruins of post-war Europe,...

  • Tropical Night Falling

    NOVELA, 1988

    Manuel Puig

    In the twilight of their lives, two sisters remember their past and discuss the love affairs of a younger neighbour whose character grows and becomes more defined through their stories....

  • Blood of Requited Love

    NOVEL, 1982

    Manuel Puig

    A story of adolescent love plays out in the vivid, vast setting of Rio – a storm of precocious, indecent passion – and a remote village in the Brazilian countryside. Seen from a...

  • Eternal Curse on the Reader of These Pages

    NOVEL, 1980

    Manuel Puig

    This novel brings Manuel Puig’s fiction to unexpected places. Here, we are presented with the bitter, destructive encounter of two forms of New York solitude: a sick Argentinian and his...

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